It’s still all about graphic tees this year. I summed up nine of my current favorite graphic shirts, including my very first Sassy Girl tee, yay! I am so excited!

  1. You are the T.I.T.S! I own this awesome shirt and I must say, it’s a head turner.
  2. Yess Lazy Oafs has one amazing summer 2017 collection, love this you’re not invited to the party tee.
  3. For the nineties environmentalists amongst us <3
  4. Very Lana del Rey-ish, this Just Ride shirt rocks!
  5. OMG I just love Carne Bollente’s sexed up shirts, provocative, artsy and fun.
  6. My favorite rockband-tee, this pink version would look much better on me than the original black version I own.
  7. is all about the fun, fun, fuuunn and this makes me instantly happy.
  8. A big shoutout to Sarah from DaisyNatives, who’s also a creative small business girlboss, love her tees.
  9. Last but not least, my very first Sassy Girl tee, Girls are Great yaaaass!

What’s your favorite tee? And would you wear the more provocative shirts? 

*FTC: this post is NOT sponsored and does not include affiliate links