One of my new years resolutions this year was to stay on top of my game. I wanted to be clear about what the hell I am doing and where I am heading.

Running a business on your own can be very overwhelming at times, especially since there are so many choices to promote and execute your work that it’s easy to loose track of your goals. Workdays can easily look like: answering emails, updating Instagram, writing a blog, search for the perfect wrapping paper that suits with your products, shipping products, host a giveaway, photographing plus editing some new products, oh I totally forgot to update my facebook and snapchat, etc etc.

I wanted to avoid that feeling at the end of the day where you have no clue of what you’ve been doing all day long, other than running from one task to the other. Recognize this feeling? This feeling is even worst when 6 months have gone by, and by July you can’t recall what you’ve accomplished the first half year.

In the past, my organizational habits resulted in doing everything all at once, reaching no specific goals at all.

Last year I had a big AHA moment (Oprah i feel ya). There are only so many things a human can do succesfully in a month, especially when growing a business and having a (family)life on the side.  This organizational habit is so easy, i couldn’t NOT share this with you. (Hope you’ll have the same AHA moment here 😉 )

So here’s what I did:

Instead of starting to plan for a month or for a week and get lost in daily tasks as mentioned above, I thought of my upcoming year as a whole. I wanted to see the big picture.

I took one A4 sized paper and divided it into 9 boxes, representing the first upcoming nine months. If you’d like to see all twelve months in a glance, you could decide to go for 12 slightly smaller boxes. I constantly update and tweek this paper, plus have it near my desk for me to see and stay focused.

This piece of paper doesn’t contain regular day-to-day tasks. Smaller tasks are placed in my digital editoral calender, which I will eleborate upon in a future blog post (ICYMI).

To stay in touch with the big picture it’s important that only big goals such as product launches, big collaborations, but also vacations, weddings and other important dates are placed in the boxes. Personally, I take important seasonal activities into account as well, such as the black friday weekend, Christmas and semi-annual sales.

Now, i’d like to call this the to-what-end-organizational-system because of the following question, that I think every girl in business should bare in mind:

To what end am I…. updating instagram, blogging, vlogging, emailing?  

For instance, If I were to launch a new product in July, will this leave room for other big goals like writing a book or setting up another big project? If I want to make this launch succesfull, I need my time and energy to spend on promoting this product. As much as I would love to do another big project, most likely my product launch will be detained.

With this easy system, you can also reflect if your timing is right, a.k.a. should you be spending time at this stage of your business to launching an ecourse, or even thinking about branding details. What is it that you truly need to focus on this month?

I can give you the answer to that:

Focus on spending your working hours on either growth or profit if you want to be productive and grow your bizz

  1. Growth (are you attracting a tribe?) and/or
  2. Profit (do you make dollah dollah bills y’all?)

If your work doesn’t result into one of these things, you are just doing for doing’s sake, and you’re not moving forward.

So are you being productive or are you just being busy? I hope this easy system will give you more focus and less opportunity for distraction and overwhelm.

You go girl!