What would life look like without APPS these days. I am a nerd for apps! Sometimes i just sit down to search for the new best app-thing that makes life just a bit more easy or pretty. Today i’d like to share my current favorite apps with you, in the category: life-hack apps.



If you would lose me in a bookstore, you’d propably find me at the selfhelp book section. Actually, i may be found there a bit too often. To avoid coming across as a complete mad person, there is an app called Blinktist, where you can undisturbingly read all sorts of selfhelp book summaries. All day long if you’d want or just in between appointments. One summary takes you 15 minutes, so you could easily read 4 books a day! The best thing about this app is that these summaries, that are made by a team of experts, are available in audio as well! This means, never a dull moment when caught in a traffic jam.

Blinkist is a paid app. I have a premium membership, which normally costs around 80 euros. I know, that may seem like a lot, but I consider this app to be an investment in my personal (and business) growth. Keep an eye out for special deals, I got the app with a 50% discount, during the Black Friday weekend! Some of my favorite books I have listened to so far are: Tim Ferriss’ The 4 Hour Workweek, David Allen’s Getting Things Done, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within and Cal Newport’s Deep Work. There is so much more to explore!


As the former app kind of proves, i am a head person. I think A LOT and tend to overanalyze a LOT. I decided that it’s time to unwind more often during the day. Actually, Mr. G discovered this meditation app, Headspace, and suggested I’d use it. Oops, sorry babe, for being a stressed-out b*tch from time to time.

So yes, if you’re like me, thinking all day long, you should definitely get this app as soon as you can. I’ve come to realize that trying to find a balance between body and mind is really important. Our bodies build up so much tension during the day and we simply don’t take the time to release this stress. With Headspace i am planning a few short (10 to 20 minute) moments a day where i lay or sit down and unplug. The only thing i need to do is listen to this calming sound and just breath! Love it!


Another way to keep a clear head is to write things down. I’ve been using Evernote since two years now. It’s a note keeping app, reminding me of the oldschool paper diary I had in highschool. It’s so much fun scrolling down all the notes i’ve made the past couple of years, seeing where I’ve come from. Also, having all these rambling thoughts in one place is pretty fun too. I do admit that I still use a lot of paper notebooks as well, cause hey, I have a soft spot for stationary, especially when there is glitter involved. BUT when you easily want to find notes back, such as blogpost ideas or awesome tips a friend gave you, going digital is definitely the way to go. Another plus; my saved highlighted notes in Blinkist, automatically sync to Evernote, now that i call efficient!


Another notekeeping app – you can never have too much notes i guess – is Wunderlist. I especially use this app to save recipes. Me and Mr. G share these categorized food lists – such as smoothies, salads, and snacks – so that when one of us is in the supermarket we instantly know what to eat. Wunderlist also rocks when you want to be reminded of your deadlines

I’d love to know, what are your favorite, can’t live without, life-hack apps? 

*FTC: this post is NOT sponsored