Yayy i have such a crush on anything velvet. Velvet brings me back to the 70s and as a modern girl with a vintage soul I just can’t resist. For me the crush started years ago when I watched David Lynch’ Blue Velvet in film class. Complete weirdness combined with absolute artistry, in which velvet plays the visual leading role (to this day still don’t understand the movie to its fullest though, please feel free to enlighten me with your analysis, anyone?)

Than, 4 years ago, Lana del Rey covered its soundtrack for H&M, and velvet got its definite grip on me.

“She wore bluuue velvet. Bluer than velvet was the night. Softer than satin was the light”

– Lana del Rey

Today, I couldn’t be more lucky, since velvet is EVERYWHERE. I summed up the best products to get in velvet.


Home and Decor

It’s soft texture gives an instant luxurious vintage touch to every room. Plus, it adds warmth to your space as well.

You may start small by implementing velvet accessories, like cushions or curtains, or add a velvet chair to your interior. You could also go all the way by buying a velvet couch. Since this determines the overall look and feel of your livingroom, it’s up to you to decide if velvet will bore you anyday soon and if other elements in your livingroom fit with this amazing velvet couch you’ve got in mind. I think velvet is timeless, and personally it can’t get too velvety enough for me.


Velvet can be implemented in small ways to your look. What to think of a velvet choker? If you’re just like me though, you’d want to live in velvet everyday, since it’s so soft. When I found this black velvet jumpsuit of Weekday. I was immediately sold. WANT! There is still one fantastic item on my velvet wishlist, which are these amazing shoes. Are you kidding me, these are the sh*t! (do you think i am overly excited now?)

Are you into these velvet items as well? What’s on your velvet wishlist?